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The flagship visitor attraction incorporates collections from the Hancock Museum and Newcastle University’s Museum of Antiquities, the Shefton Museum and the Hatton Gallery.

Highlights of the new £26million museum include a large-scale, interactive model of Hadrian’s Wall, major new displays showing the wonder and diversity of the animal and plant kingdoms, spectacular objects from the Ancient Greeks and mummies from Ancient Egypt, a planetarium and a life-size T-Rex dinosaur skeleton.

The Living Planet display houses hundreds of creatures and by using a mixture of touch screen technology and hands-on investigations, visitors can investigate these animals and find out where they live and how they survive in such extreme places as the arctic and desert.

Live animal tanks and aquaria are integrated into this major display where visitors can see wolf fish, pythons, lizards and leaf cutting ants to name a few. Star objects include a full size model of an elephant, a great white shark, a virtual aquarium, live animal displays, a polar bear, a giraffe and moa skeleton.


great north museum

Opening Hours:
Open: Monday to Saturday 10am-5pm, Sunday 2pm-5pm
Closed: 25 & 26 December & 1 January.


Contact Details:

Barras Bridge, Newcastle upon Tyne,
Telephone: (0191) 222 6765