Secco Ristorante Salentino

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After managing Secco for four years, Hamed Fardoust took over in July 2009 determined to build on the art works of the creators of Secco in that he continues to champion the very best in local, seasonal producer from the northeast of England and southern tip of Italy.

The interior of Secco is designed to induce a sense of supreme well-being. It glows with rich colour, striking patterns and textured materials full of subtle detail.

Secco is a two storey venue which specialises in good quality Italian drinking and dining inspired by Salentino in Southern Italy.

On the second floor, the restaurant specialises in a superb interpretation of authentic, yet simple Italian food, using the finest, seasonal ingredients from Northumberland and the best of Southern Italian staples which is complemented by a wine list befitting the finest Italian enoteca.