Fundraising BBQ at Bannatynes 17th August

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Fundraising BBQ at Bannatynes in Newcastle on 17th August in aid of The Toma Fund.

The charity raises money for families who have a child with cancer. Many families suffer hardship whilst looking after a sick child, parents often have to give up work to be there for their child during the months or years of having treatment, and sadly not always successful. The family, through CLIC Sargent, can request financial assistance, to help in any way that is required, it may be to buy a special bed, so the child can be nursed at home, a washing machine, to cope with the extra laundry, or the money may even be used to help pay for a funeral. Please look at our website, where there is much more information about the charity

Andrea Thompson lost a son, Jordon, to cancer, and, until recently, has channeled all her energies into fundraising for the Teenage Cancer Unit in Newcastle. Andrea raised nearly £400,000 just working from home. Now the unit is built and has huge national support, Andrea has decided to raise funds, in Jordan’s name, to help families in whatever way is needed. There was no financial help when Jordan was ill in hospital, when the family could have really done with this support.

Shoewaddywaddy will be performing (AKA Black Lace, Dene Michael)

We also have a disco. It will be a great evening.

Adults £15.95 and children under 16 £6.95. Begins 6.30pm-1am

For more information please call: 0191 495 6187